Welcome to our website and thanks for checking out our first blog post! Clean SURF's Conservation Conversation blog is meant to inspire and inform you on environmental issues regarding our beaches and oceans. Our clothing brand is dedicated to promoting the conservation of these precious areas around the world, by donating 10% of each sale to like-minded organizations, who are creating extraordinary waves. 

We all have an undeniable connection to the ocean; in fact, our livelihood depends on it! Mission Blue put it best: "Oceans generate 70% of the oxygen in the air, and absorb much of its carbon dioxide. They drive the climate, the weather and the chemistry of the planet. Our oceans occupy over 2/3 of the planet’s surface and provide a home for most of the creatures on Earth. Unfortunately, our knowledge of the ocean is less than our impact on it. It isn't too late to expand on our understanding of the world’s oceans, and to use that knowledge to effect positive change." - http://mission-blue.org/   

How are you trying to effect positive change? 

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